Battery Town

Battery Town is a nationwide network of privately owned Auto Electricians who diagnose your vehicle's battery & electrical problems and provide you specialised Auto Electrical Service for all Car, Truck, Tractor, Machinery or your Boat and Motor home.
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Hella Endurant Batteries

Hella Endurant Batteries are stocked by Battery Town Auto Electricians who provide a written guarantee card.

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NEW Battery Chargers

Power Train Battery Chargers 
Designed to effectively charge and maintain all conventional Lead Acid, SLA, Calcium, GEL, and AGM batteries. These chargers are suitable for recharging and indenfinitely maintaining deeply discharged batteries.

Solar Panels

The Power Train solar smart chargers are the ideal solution to never get caught out with a flat battery in your infrequently used vehicles, ideal for boats, classic cars and motorcycles. Constructed using the highest quality Mono-Crystalline cells (30 in a series), and coupled to an inbuilt 2 stage charge controller/regulator.

Odyssey Batteries

Constant pounding. Extreme heat. High-revving, high-vibration, powersapping engines. The demands of racing, demand a battery that’s up to the job. But one that’s lightweight and compact so you don’t give any advantage to the competition.
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Optima Batteries

Performance. It’s what you want from a battery and it doesn’t matter if you’re working, driving cross-country or just having fun. If you're looking for pure power, look no further. OPTIMA® Batteries deliver supreme performance and reliability.
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