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Battery Town

Battery Town is a nationwide network of privately owned Auto Electricians who diagnose your vehicle"s battery & electrical problems and provide you specialised Auto Electrical Service for all Car, Truck, Tractor, Machinery or your Boat and Motor home. Call us on 0800 566 667.

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Hella Endurant Batteries

Hella Endurant is New Zealand's respected range for Automotive, Commercial, Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries. Battery Town carries an extensive range of Hella Endurant Batteries to suit any application. Battery Town provides a nationwide hassle-free warranty for all Hella Endurant Batteries.

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New Technology to extend the life of your battery

Battery Town has launched an range of advanced 8-Stage and 9-Stage automatic battery chargers to charge and maintain your battery automatically in 4WD’s, boats, bikes, vans, cars and light commercial vehicles.

Battery Town Automatic Chargers

Varta Batteries

Varta is acknowledged as the world's most recognised battery brand. Battery Town has introduced the range of Varta Automotive and Commercial batteries. All Varta Batteries sold are made in Europe and Germany to meet and exceed OEM specifications.

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Lifeline Batteries

Hand made in the USA to meet military specifications, Lifeline is the premium brand of AGM Deep Cycle and Marine Starting Batteries. Lifeline features unmatched cycle life and starting power, ultra-low self discharge rates, and is completely sealed and handles the toughest environments. Lifeline Batteries are available at your nearest Battery Town.

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Optima Batteries

Performance. It’s what you want from a battery and it doesn’t matter if you’re working, driving cross-country or just having fun. If you"re looking for pure power, look no further. OPTIMA® Batteries deliver supreme performance and reliability.

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